Below is a selection of my work




Alternative Social Network

Oakenfall is a learning project that I use to learn new programming methods and frameworks. Originally procedural I've adapted this app over time and have included an integration of Social Projects along with 3 other apps that haven't been built yet.

I wanted to create an alternative social network that wasn't a commercial project to test interest. The goal is to create an entirely encrypted application eventually but I don't have time to do everything I want to do with this hobby app

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Social Projects

Simple, personal project manager

Social Projects is a personal learning project built in PHP and MySQL in different iterations. One instance uses the Social Graph from Facebook for login and social connections. Another iteration uses Google APIs for Oauth2 login and social connections along with JSON data for charting.

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Mariners Book Chest

Online First Edition Hard Cover Book Store in progress

This is an Wordpress based E-Commerce sight featuring a Braintree payment gateway integration that includes a Wishlist and a Vendor account request option.

The owner intends to sell first edition collectors edition books online

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Engaging Getaways

Travel Tour Site 2016

Currently working on this one. This is a wedding engagement travel site for couples who want to celebrate their engagements in style in the central European Mediterranean.

The site requires a Braintree payment integration along with a design that moves the user through the information while always providing a booking option

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